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YouTube Kids APK MOD v8.08.1 (Premium) free for android

YouTube Kids
App Name YouTube Kids
Latest Version v.8.08.1
Last Updated
Publisher Google LLC
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Entertainment Entertainment
Size 11.6 MB
Mods Premium
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (729) Votes

4.5 Rating (729 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Encourage kids to discover the world with a suite of parental controls


Greetings everyone, it’s great to know that with the pervasive use of the Internet as well as next-gen 5G technology, it will become a staple in our lives – everyone aged 5-50 will be using it! Covid-19 may have altered the way we go about our daily lives, but one thing is for certain; young ones need laptops and smartphones to learn in this current day and age. They are more aware than ever of the bounty of the world wide web and its vast amount of information – unfortunately, this is also a double-edged sword, as there is plenty of negative and dangerous content present, as seen through vulgar videos, lusty photos, and potentially damaging content, all of which has the power to disrupt the development of young minds. Parents face a crucial task of battling the hard-hitting effects that the Internet can have on their children. Worry not, for finally there is an answer to these problems: LavMod.

LavMod is an intuitive app that provides children with a safe platform to scroll through, while still using the technology at their disposal. Not only that, but it grants young users the power to learn and research in the realms of art, science, technology, computer coding, reading, writing, and so much more. With LavMod, parents can be given the upper hand – they can implement transparent controls over what their children can view, ensuring that the content is solely within their age group. You can have assurance that you have played a part in shaping your child’s future towards something grand.

YouTube Kids APK

With LavMod, your child will have access to beneficial learning experiences that suit their age and needs, meaning that the app can assist them in the long run. When you choose to install LavMod, you are making a conscious decision to create your own parental framework, which allows you to regulate and be informed of their activities at all times. In addition, this will help to maximise productivity while fostering their development at the same time.

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Astonishing features of YouTube kids APK

LavMod does not come without its fantastic features – it has an abundance to offer most parents, who will be astonished to find the following:

Set screen time limit

Many of us are aware that our generation does not handle their phone in the most responsible manner – this is something we must be aware of in terms of our children, teaching them the importance of managing their time wisely. With LavMod, you can control the amount of time they spend on the app and receive a notification when they reach the maximum allowed time, ensuring they pursue other activities.

Approve what your children can watch

As mentioned above, the Internet is a haven for malicious content, and you must protect your child from such hazards. With LavMod you have the power to approve videos and other content for them to view, providing them with educational videos that stimulate their mind and improve development.

No interruption of advertisement

Ads can prove overwhelming for some users, as they can become intrusive and unwanted, with no control over what they see and when. Just as with any other app or program, they can also be seen on LavMod. But with the application, you will be granted a hassle-free experience as it will promote an ad-free policy – no more pesky ads to disrupt the screen!

Excess of content level by age

No two children are the same, each requiring their own specific set of content. LavMod will read the age of your child, adjusting what type of content is presented to them. Younger users can view alphabet and numerical videos to aid them with educational content, for instance. For more mature users, videos which explain and cater to their educational levels as well as development paths can be seen.

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All kinds of videos for children of all sort

While different age groups are catered to efficiently with the app, it also offers an immeasurable selection of video content that is sure to appeal to each individual child, allowing them to find their passion, and watch videos relating to their line of interests. In this day and age where mediocrity is often sought after, LavMod is sure to give your child the platform they deserve with the intention of making them stand out.

Easy and smooth user interface

LavMod is an exceptionally popular app, with millions of downloads and an incredible positive rating. An integral part of this is its user interface, making it easier for both yourself and your child to navigate though the app and find what you need quickly. Not to mention, there is no need for any root access to install it on your device!


You can make use of LavMod’s multitude of features to its full potential, with its versatility making it the perfect app for you and your child. Providing you with controls over your child’s screen time, monitoring what they watch, age-specific contents, and so much more, LavMod is certain to shape the future of your child in a more positive direction, as well as act as a platform for them to express their passions and pursue their passions.

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