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Weapon Master 3D Mod APK 1.3.2 (Unlimited money)

Weapon Master 3D
App Name Weapon Master 3D
Latest Version v.1.3.2
Last Updated
Publisher Mille Crepe Studios
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Casual Casual
Size 128.35 Mb
Mods Unlimited money
Google Playstore

4.0 Rating (290) Votes

4.0 Rating (290 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Grow your weapon shop and conquer the enemies!

Unlock Epic Battles and Victory with Weapon Master 3D APK

For an adrenaline-pumping strategy gaming experience, Weapon Master 3D APK is your go-to game. Developed by Mille Crepe Studios, this game offers a thrilling combination of weapon production, hero recruitment, and intense battles that require smart tactics. Weapon Master 3D is available on Android devices 5.0 and higher which is approximately 76MB.

Weapon Master 3d Mod Apk (2)

Progressive Strategy & Action Focused Gameplay

Set in a vibrant fantasy realm, your mission is to become the best weapon producer in the land. As you advance in the game, you’ll need to manage the resources, stocks, and workers of your weapons shop. In addition, you have to recruit heroes to help fight the powerful bosses and benefit from special battle items.

You start the game as an apprentice in a weapons shop. The storyline is simple and engaging, with characters that aid you in your quest to become a top-notch Weapon Master. The game art is colorful and attractive, and the gameplay also offers an enjoyable experience.

You’ll be able to expand your business by exploring the map, opening chests and finding items, and completing missions for rewards. As you progress, you’ll also design and customize weapons — each with its own stats — to become the ultimate fighter.

On top of that, you’ll benefit from regular updates to enjoy the latest features and game performance. Plus, there is also an unsophisticated menu that ensures anyone can easily use the game.

Ready to Take on Fearsome Foes? Prepare Your Heroes and Weapons

Before battle, you’ll need to equip your troops with proper weapons. To ensure victory, it’s important to know the stats of the weapons — their attack power, speed, and effect. Aside from that, you can use special items at the appropriate time in order to gain an edge over the adversaries.

Weapon Master 3D also allows you to be creative by customizing weapons. Choose between different colors, materials, and shapes to create a truly unique weapon. Upgrading also helps in increasing the stats of a weapon so you can maximize its power in battle.

In addition, you’ll need to unlock new heroes during your journey. Each hero you gain has a specific mission that you must complete before it is added to your roster.

Expand Your Shop and Earn More.

Honing your weapon mastery skills requires dedication and hard work. As your business grows, you should also consider expanding your shop to accommodate more customers and stock more weapons.

Furthermore, you must be strategic when it comes to expanding your shop. Each room takes time and resources to build, which you must consider to make sure that your efforts won’t go to waste. After all, you’ve put in long hours of work, and you need to maximize the rewards.

Weapon Master 3d Mod Apk (3)

Ready for an Epic Game Experience? Get the Weapon Master 3D MOD APK for Unlimited Money

To make your job easier, there is a modified version of the game called Weapon Master 3D MOD APK. It comes with unlimited money which can be used to buy weapons and materials, upgrade your shop, and unlock new heroes.

With the Weapon Master 3D MOD APK, you can reach the pinnacle of Weapon Master success faster. Get on the battle field and start your journey to becoming the ultimate weapon master in the game.


Weapon Master 3D APK is the perfect game for adrenaline-seekers and strategy gamers. It has stunning graphics, intuitive controls, an immersive soundtrack, and regular updates. Plus, you can use the Weapon Master MOD APK for unlimited money.

Go ahead and download the game today and start working your way towards becoming the best weapon master in the land. All you need to do is manage your weapons shop, equip troops, and strap yourself in for epic battles!

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