Grand Survival - Raft Games
Grand Survival - Raft Games

Grand Survival MOD APK V2.8.2 (Free Shopping/Unlimited Money)

One of the most epic survival games on the raft! Amazing ocean adventure!

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Name Grand Survival - Raft Games
Publisher Becube Co Ltd
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Version 2.8.2
Update Oct 6, 2022
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Grand Survival - Raft Games is the most famous version in the Grand Survival - Raft Games series of publisher Becube Co Ltd
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Introduction to Grand Survival Raft Games

Picture this: you awaken alone on the deep, mysterious ocean, on nothing more than a floating raft. You must summon all your strength and determination as you brave the perils of the sea, exploring islands and gathering resources in order to survive. This is the concept of Grand Survival Raft Games – an adventure game where you explore the ocean, build your raft, and discover the secrets of the sea.

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Unique Adventure Experience

Grand Survival Raft Games lets you take control of your own destiny as you chart your own course in an unpredictable environment. As you explore, you will discover new resources and craft items, while also facing dangerous enemies as you strive for survival. What makes Grand Survival Raft Games exceptional? Players have the freedom to make their own decisions, from what resources to harvests to where they explore. This gives them the opportunity to experience a unique adventure every time they play.

Riding the Raft

Rafting is a key feature of Grand Survival Raft Games. The game gives you the chance to experience the thrill of sailing, as you explore the vast sea. You can equip your raft with rudders and accommodations to extend its reach and enhance its capabilities, and also use it to explore new islands and resources. As you navigate across the endless waterways, you will have to gather resources and develop your skills, making sure to be on the lookout for zombies and other terrifying creatures.

Good Face Prep

Adventures don’t come stress-free, and this is especially true with Grand Survival Raft Games. You’ll need to prepare yourself in order to survive the many obstacles you’ll face. Have gumption to solve the puzzles and plenty of guts to take on the tougher problems. This is your chance to sharpen your reflexes and exercise your smarts as you explore the game.

Raft Upgrades

To stay ahead of the curve, you’ll need to upgrade your raft with the right resources and materials. As you explore, you’ll find new islands that can help you strengthen up your rafts with the resources, from wood to leaving. For instance, the Rubber Farm gives the player access to rubber to make the raft more durable. The Lighthouse enables you to upgrade the raft with engineered rudders and cabins to extend its reach and capabilities.

Defeating Undersea Monsters and Undead

Your journey won’t be easy if you don’t take action. Grand Survival Raft Games is filled with threats from the ocean, from massive sharks to zombies. Your weapon of choice will be your best friend in such situations, so it’s important to keep your defenses up to gain the upper hand. Survive the perils of the ocean by gathering food, water and weapons, and by using disguises.

Meeting NPCs on Exotic Islands

In Grand Survival Raft Games, many islands can be explored, with each offering its own distinct landscape. From the dark Rusty Atoll to the calming Shell Beach Hotel, each island offers its own challenges and potential rewards. As you explore these islands, you’ll meet NPCs and receive chests full of rewards for performing tasks that advance the island’s progress. You might even find unique and rare items in these islands.

Daily Gift

Sail further and discover more with the latest update for Grand Survival Raft Games. Every day, you will receive gifts in the form of weapons, disguises and other items. Further explore the game’s enigmatic ocean, all on your own, and make sure to be prepared for anything it may throw at you.

What Happened?

You awoke and found yourself in a vibrant and mysterious sea, with no idea where you were headed. Now, you must summon your skills and wits and embark on the journey of exploration and survival. Grand Survival Raft Games features an impressive and colorful environment, complete with islands, secrets and a few literal scares that will challenge your mental strength as you try to stay alive.

Arsenal for Fighting Enemies

From monstrous sharks to zombie hordes, you must be prepared to fight against a variety of enemies. Attack these threats with an array of different weapons, such as guns, torches and crossbows. As you explore, keep an eye on the weather, as this could become your biggest danger, adding new and unforeseen challenges.

Spectacular Nature Scenes

Grand Survival Raft Games takes the beauty of the environment to a whole new level. The blue of the sea is mesmerising, and the islands are richly detailed and colourfully vibrant. With its sweeping views, mysterious locals and secrets, explore the world of Grand Survival Raft Games and discover its powerful natural environment.

How to Survive

In order to explore and discover, you must survive first. There are several ways to ensure your survival in Grand Survival Raft Games. From collecting water and food to forging makeshift weapons, it’s important to make the best use of the resources you have. As you progress, you’ll find new and more difficult challenges that will require upgraded materials and tools that you’ll find scattered throughout the islands.

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Freedom is Essential

The key to surviving the incredible journey in Grand Survival Raft Games is freedom. As you gain richer resources and craft more powerful items, you will have more freedom to explore and face the unknown. Grand Survival Raft Games lets you make the most of freedom and the power of seasonally changing weather to make your experience as realistic as possible.


Grand Survival Raft Games brings a unique ocean adventure, combining thrilling challenges and the freedom to explore in a new medium. With its endless waterways, secrets, enemies, and natural wonders, Grand Survival Raft Games takes ocean survival to the next level. When playing, however, it’s important to remember to play responsibly. The use of modded apps may break the game’s terms of service and can even be considered a security threat. Play safe and have fun!

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New update!

- Fixed the system of collecting items.
- Fixed the enemy detection system.
- Fixed errors with saving progress.
- Added new enemies.
- Improved balance.
- And many other things!

Hurry up! Need to give away the mystery of the lab!


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Grand Survival MOD APK v2.8.2 (Free Shopping/Unlimited Money)

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