DYSMANTLE MOD APK V1.1.1.37 (Menu Mod, Full Game, God Mode)

The open world action RPG where you ruin everything.

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Update Feb 15, 2023
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DYSMANTLE is the most famous version in the DYSMANTLE series of publisher DOCOOL LIMITED
  • God Mode
  • High Damage
  • Unlocked Inventory Slot
  • Free craft and upgrade
  • Add EXP

Introduction to Dismantle Mod APK

Dismantle Mod APK is an exciting and innovative mobile game that offers players an immersive and highly gratifying experience. Players are thrust into the game, where they must use the resources available to them to survive the various dangers and challenges the game has to offer. To survive, the player must be creative, resourceful and use the items they come across in order to craft the tools and weapons needed to proceed. Crafting is an exceptional feature of this game, as it allows players to construct their own shelters, weapons and regain equipment with the help of the resources they find throughout the game’s world. The game also offers intense combat, story-driven missions, immersive graphics and unique mechanics. These elements all work to create an enjoyable experience that will keep the player engaged for many hours.

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Game Highlights

One of the main features that makes Dismantle Mod APK stand out from other mobile games is the crafting feature. With the crafting feature, players are able to utilize the resources found in the game world to create the items they need in order to survive. These include weapons, tools, shelters and other useful items. This adds an extra layer of challenge and exploration to the game, as players must search for the materials needed to craft their items. The game also features intense combat, with enemies ranging from zombies to hostile survivors. Players can make use of a variety of weapons and tools to defeat their enemies, as well as throw objects at them. Dismantle Mod APK also introduces players to a vast open-world environment, where they can find new quests and objectives to complete. Furthermore, the game includes premium features such as full controller support and no microtransactions. All these unique features contribute to an engaging gaming experience that is sure to keep players hooked.


Dismantle Mod APK focuses on survival and exploration, as the player must locate and craft the items needed to survive. Players must explore the vast open-world, locating resources such as metal, wood and food to craft tools, weapons and items. Crafting is essential, as it allows for players to create better equipment, homes, and items that will help them last longer. Additionally, the game offers intense combat, with players having to make use of various weapons and tools in order to defeat their enemies. Players will also have to deal with the constant respawning of zombies, requiring the construction of devices to prevent them from doing so. Finally, the game incorporates a progression system in the form of a skill tree, where players can customize their characters in the way they choose.


After playing Dismantle Mod APK, I can confidently say I’m very impressed. The game is full of extraordinary features, such as the unique crafting system and intense combat. The graphics, sound and story are simply astounding, and the game offers a lot of replayability. The controls are smooth and responsive, and I particularly appreciate the ability to save and resume gameplay from the last checkpoint. The game also offers a range of premium features, such as controller support and no microtransactions, making it an exceptional game. However, I do hope that some control tweaks are made in the future in terms of combat mechanics. The overall pace in which progress is made is also relatively slow, however, to say this does not take away from the overall experience of the game.

Vast Open-World

Dismantle Mod APK offers a vast open-world environment without any energy travel systems or repeating procedural zones. The game world is broken down into a number of distinct biomes, each offering something new and exciting to explore. The game also includes a story, though it is largely unstructured, allowing players to explore the world as they choose. Furthermore, the game also includes a progression system which does not get wiped upon death, meaning players won’t lose upgrades earned. All these unique features make Dismantle Mod APK an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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Dismantle Mod APK is a unique and highly gratifying survival game that offers something fresh to the genre. It boasts a range of exceptional features that make it an exciting game to play, such as the crafting feature, intense combat and a vast open-world full of quests and objectives. The game also has a range of premium features, such as no microtransactions, full controller support and customizable characters. Overall, Dismantle Mod APK is a must-play game for fans of the genre and its highly immersive experience is sure to keep players engaged for many hours.

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DYSMANTLE MOD APK v1.1.1.37 (Menu Mod, Full Game, God Mode)

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