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Dungeon Squad Mod APK 0.98.6 (Unlocked)

Dungeon Squad
App Name Dungeon Squad
Latest Version v.0.98.6
Last Updated
Publisher GameCoaster
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Action Action
Size 107.1 MB
Mods Unlocked
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4.8 Rating (942) Votes

4.8 Rating (942 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Become a commander and infiltrate the Planet of Heroes!

Explore a Charming and Chaotic World with Dungeon Squad APK

Are you a fan of classic roguelike games? Looking for a game with unbeatable depth and replayability? If yes, then Dungeon Squad is perfect for you. It is a fast-paced game by GameCoaster, the developer of other popular games including Dungeon Maker and Dungeon Defense. It is light-weight (only 80MB) and works well on most Android 5.1+ devices.

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History and Storyline of Dungeon Squad APK

In this game, you don the role of the Dungeon Master. Your objective is to restore peace to the world reeling from a chaotic strife between monsters and heroes. For this cause, you will have to explore a plethora of dungeons, mazes, and traps while collecting treasures. Additionally, you also have to fearlessly engage with powerful enemies and deadly bosses along the way.

Gameplay Features & Mechanics

Dungeon Squad APK comes with a wide range of characters featuring unique abilities and skills. You get to choose from several hero classes, such as warrior, wizard, ranger, assassin, or rogue. With its smooth and detailed animations, the game brings life to each hero. Moreover, there are also plenty of different weapons and magical items to collect, which you can use to upgrade your heroes and boost their combat effectiveness.

The game also features a robust progression system. The more you progress through the levels, the more you can unlock new abilities and upgrade your heroes. It also has simple yet hard-to-master touch controls. As your heroes only move in a single lane, you will have to be adept at maneuvering them around to progress. Additionally, you can make use of the generous rewards the game offers to level up your gameplay.

Useful Tips for Winning Dungeon Squad APK

  • Pick the Right Character. Make sure you choose the right character class, as it directly influences your progress. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each character and choose the best one for the situation.
  • Be Ready for Anything. You should always stay prepared and stock up on weapons and armor ahead. Keep an ample number of resources to help you traverse the levels with ease.
  • Fire Strategically. Don’t waste your shots firing blindly. Instead, watch your enemies and shoot for their weak spots. This will help you defeat them quickly and take less damage in the process.

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Dungeon Squad MOD APK Download

Dungeon Squad MOD APK is the perfect game for those looking for an enhanced and rewarding experience. The unlocked version of this game has several lucrative features, including unlimited resources, improved drops, better gear, and exclusive protagonist boosts.

Moreover, the Dungeon Squad MOD APK for Android eliminates the need to grind for resources and materials, thus allowing you to focus on progressing through the levels and defeating your enemies.


Dungeon Squad APK is perfect for anyone who loves classic roguelike games. It takes you to a world of chaotic strife and tests your skills and reflexes in an epic, action-packed venture. It has an intuitive and challenging gameplay, captivating graphics, an inspiring storyline, and lots of satisfying rewards.

It is undoubtedly one of the best options out there for those looking for intense adventure and danger. Download it today and start your quest!

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