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Kunai Master: Ninja Assassin
App Name Kunai Master: Ninja Assassin
Latest Version v.0.7.37
Last Updated
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Action Action
Size 149.64 Mb
Mods Unlimited money and gems
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4.2 Rating (325) Votes

4.2 Rating (325 Votes )
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Teleport to the warriors with a dagger! Be a stealth hunter with melee weapons!

Master the Art of Stealth Assassination in Kunai Master APK

Are you looking for a pixel game with intense action? Look no further than Kunai Master APK, a mobile game offered by Casual Azur Games! This gripping action game will have you playing as a skilled ninja with the mission to save the world from evil bosses.

Choose from various warriors, each equipped with unique abilities and weapons. Then, use your kunai to take down your enemies, collect coins to upgrade your skills and gear, and experience countless levels filled with epic boss fights in this action-packed game.

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Unlock Powerful Warriors

In Kunai Master APK, you can unlock numerous warriors with unique abilities. Each warrior has exceptional abilities and weapons, so choose wisely and use them at the right moment to defeat enemies. These skills include:

  • Teleport Skill. This ability allows you to instantly teleport to a certain location, stunning your opponents and attacking them swiftly.
  • Flaming Kunai. You can launch flaming kunai at your adversaries, causing heavy damage and burning them in an instant. It is a perfect skill for close combat battles.
  • Kunai Rain. Unleash numerous kunai from the sky and cause massive damage to your adversaries, taking them down in no time.
  • Dodging Attacks. This skill helps you to dodge enemy attacks, allowing you to reclaim control and defeat the adversary.

Upgrade Your Kunai

Kunai (dagger) is not only your main weapon in this game but also a tool of upgrading your character’s skills and abilities. You must upgrade your kunai to defeat enemies and level up quickly.

You can upgrade your kunai by unlocking new weapons and collecting treasures. Then, make sure your kunai has elements such as fire, wind, electricity, or ice. This will incorporate more power and make it deadlier in battles.

Explode Barrels to Your Advantage

On certain levels, you will find explosive barrels scattered around. Make use of them by throwing kunai at them and inflicting heavy damage to your opponents. This could potentially take down a group of enemies in one go, lessening the amount of effort you have to put in.

You have to be wise in using these barrels as they can harm you too. Timing is key to exploding them and gaining control, so use them strategically and wisely for best results.

Retro Pixel Graphics

This game features retro pixel graphics that provide a nostalgic feel. The graphics of this action-packed game may not be as advanced as others, yet it adds to its charm and appeal.

More importantly, the graphics do not interfere with the game functionality. You can easily navigate through missions and levels, defeat enemies, and upgrade your skills and weapons.

Other Unique Features

  • Learn the Art of Stealth Assassination. Since it is a ninja game, you must use stealth to your advantage and defeat your enemies swiftly. So, master the art of stealth assassination to achieve success in missions.
  • Various Missions and Levels. With so many missions, you will find yourself playing for hours and increasing your ninja skills constantly. Each mission will be filled with excitement, so stay engaged and entertained.
  • Beautiful Graphics. Besides providing retro pixel graphics, the game also offers attractive and beautiful backgrounds and locations. Explore various places while competing in missions and taking down enemies.
  • Smooth Controls. Kunai Master APK provides easy and smooth controls. This will enable you to navigate mission and battles with ease. Unleash kunai with accuracy and knock down adversaries quickly.
  • Unique Combat Mechanics. This game provides various combat mechanics, letting you use your kunai in various ways. Plan and strategize each battle to defeat opponents effectively and complete missions.

If you want to gain access to unlimited resources, download Kunai Master MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems. This modified version allows you to quickly upgrade your kunai and skills, making every mission easier and exciting. Furthermore, it offers an ad-free experience, so you can concentrate on completing missions in the world of Kunai Master.

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Kunai Master APK offers an entertaining and enthralling gaming experience as you navigate missions with ease and upgrade your kunai abilities. With its retro pixel graphics, unique combat mechanics, and multiple warriors to choose from, this game is worth trying.

And if you want to have more control over the gaming experience, download the Kunai Master MOD APK for Android. Become the ultimate ninja master and harness the tremendous power of kunai in Kunai Master APK.

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