ARK: Survival Evolved
ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved MOD APK V2.0.28 (Unlimited Money/Free Craft)

Fight, survive, and tame 80+ dinosaurs in this massive genre-defining game world

Android Android 5.0Adventure
3.5 ( 519 ratings )
Price: $0
Name ARK: Survival Evolved
Publisher Studio Wildcard
Genre Adventure
Size 2.2 GB
Version 2.0.28
Update Jun 17, 2022
MOD Unlimited Money/Free Craft
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Mod Version 2.0.28
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ARK: Survival Evolved is the most famous version in the ARK: Survival Evolved series of publisher Studio Wildcard
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Amber
  • Immortality
  • Free Craft

Introducing ARK Survival Evolved: Unleash the Adventure of a Lifetime

Many of us watched the famous movie Jurassic World when we were growing up, and were enthralled by the tale of dinosaurs and other extinct creatures. While there are a wealth of movies that explore the realm of dragons, dinosaurs and apes, none of them quite captivate us in the same way as Jurassic World. We’re here to explore a game just as captivating: ARK Survival Evolved. It’s a remarkable adventure game designed by Wildcard Studios, and it offers superior HD graphics, an engaging soundtrack, and an epic storyline – making it the perfect pastime! Gameplay-wise, ARK Survival Evolved will have you exploring an ever-evolving, living prehistoric landscape while striving to survive and thrive in a hostile environment.

Ark Survival Evolved Mod Apk (2)

Before we dive into the world of ARK Survival Evolved, it’s essential to take note of the fact that it requires at least 3GB of RAM, alongside Vulkan support. It’s only available for Android phones and features one small drawback – the presence of ads. However, don’t let this setback take away from the overall grandiose of the game, because we can assure you that nothing can diminish its appeal!

Explore 70+ Unique Dinosaurs of the Animal Kingdom

Immerse yourself in a vast, incredible animal kingdom filled with 80+ different kinds of exotic dragons, dinosaurs, and creatures. Feel the thrill of discovering lifeforms that lived a generation before you. As you explore the intricately detailed terrain, you can expect to discover a plethora of wildlife such as the land, water, and underground creatures, all of which are incredibly realistic due to their adherence to their natural habitats.

Introducing ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK

Introducing ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK – an alternative, modified version of ARK Survival Evolved that introduces a host of premium benefits – and at no cost! While connected to the internet, ads can be particularly distracting and invasive, depleting one’s gaming time. Thankfully, this modded version of ARK Survival Evolved allows you to experience uninterrupted gaming pleasure. Get the chance to explore the hidden mysteries of a captivating prehistoric landscape with complete freedom.

Enduring in a world filled with wild, untamable animals means traversing through a plethora of struggles along the way. However, you’ll never have to worry about coming up short – with ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK, you’ll have unlimited money at your disposal, which will enable you to make all the necessary purchases from the in-game store. Stock up on weapons, armor and other essential supplies, as these will come in handy in the battlefield.

Ride over Horses, Whales, Dolphins, and Dragons

With ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK, you’ll not only be able to own horses, whales, dolphins, and dragons, but gain the ability to ride them. Become one with the wind as you gallop across the terrain with a trusty horse by your side. Traverse the skies atop a majestic dragon, or even dive into secret depths of the ocean while riding a giant whale.

Not only will you become master of the skies, but you can get to grips with each animal’s ability and decide which one of them is the best fit for your journey. Make sure to make the right choice, as lesser abilities can lead to your ultimate demise.

Get Ready to Fight in the Animal Kingdom

Regardless of whether you’re looking to emerge victorious from the wilds of ARK Survival Evolved, you’ll need to ensure that you’re fully prepared for battle. The game allows you to get a real-time glimpse of your inventory, complete with crafting and storage. As you play, you can use your coins to purchase weapons and armor, heal your wounds, and ward off danger.

Remember that although you can bravely face the battlefields on your own, it’s best to call your teammates to your side so you have greater chances of success. Coordinate and collaborate to create powerful forces that no rival can rival. After all, it’s all or nothing with ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK.

Be the Ultimate Survivor

Surviving in a world of beasts and dragons is no mean feat. You’ll be faced with unpredictable weather conditions, extreme rains, floods and other inclement weather – all which you must withstand if you want to be the ultimate survivor. With ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK you’ll be able to fight your way to the top of the food chain and reign over the land, the sky and the sea.

The Classic ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK Interface

The UI of ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK is simple, inviting and quite self-explanatory. It features several tabs, namely game, control, audio and video, which enable you to pinpoint and tweak different aspects of the game without much effort. The game also provides you with an interactive control scheme which swiftly tracks your movement, inventory, and scrolls.

Ark Survival Evolved Mod Apk (3)

As soon as you encounter a new animal in the game, a popup window will provide some essential details about the creature. If you’re riding it, you’ll become aware of its various abilities and skills in no time. ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK is the perfect beginner-friendly game, although seasoned gamers can get just as much enjoyment from its enviable features.

Final Verdict

ARK Survival Evolved is a magnificent title that all Android gaming enthusiasts must try out and, with the help of ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK, it can be the perfect pastime. With no fees, you get to enjoy get unlimited money, unlimited health, and hundreds of other premium benefits. Make the most of your gaming hours and be the ultimate survivor by downloading ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK now!

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- Improved Android 12 functionality
- Structures can no longer be placed in the Volcano Crater on Official PvE servers
- "Disable Building in Volcano Crater (PvE)" option added to Unofficial Server web interface
- Numerous bug & exploit fixes


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ARK: Survival Evolved MOD APK v2.0.28 (Unlimited Money/Free Craft)

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